Oxballs Core Grip Squeeze Ball Stretcher – Black Ice


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Based on our most popular SQUEEZE ballstretcher, CORE fits your nuts with a smooth hour glass inner sleeve on your nut bag…this slicktunnel wraps your sack with a medium firm squeeze while the outer ribs keep you stretched down for real low-hangers.

HOW TOWEAR: a little lube or spit, gym sweaty showering is good, stretchCORE and drop your bag through and adjust where you want it, the inner hour glass shape will hold where you put it.

Made of our extra-soft Plus+SILICONE blend, it’ll keep the grip firm enough with a smooth velvety rubbery comfortable stretch, and the right slippery grip for more play.Use any OxLUBE lubes, just a drop inside and CORE will settle onto your nutsack for longer comfort

.Oxballs makes the best ballstretchers for all types of nutbags and all sizes and cravings, we use our gear we play with ourgear we test our gear to make sure you get the best designs with the coolest features and new ways to play hard

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